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Make smarter decisions faster

Companies that make the right decisions
at the right time succeed.

Businesses succeed or fail by the speed and quality of their decisions. Whether the goal is revenue, profitability, a competitive edge or all of the above, the best decisions are the ones informed by data and AI.

Drive better, quicker results

Informed business leaders make optimal decisions. AI- and ML-based algorithms can contribute, by showing what's happening, why it happened and what will happen next. The result? Leaders can take the critical actions to improve operations, reduce costs, save time or boost prices, profits and productivity.  

Cognizant Intelligent Decisioning is an AI-driven approach that uses advanced methods and tools to transform business decision-making in operational and customer-facing processes. It helps businesses make better decisions faster, even in times of great uncertainty. Cognizant innovation goes beyond insights to augment and inform the choices companies need to make.  

Our Approach

Tapping deep wells of information, including real-time data, is only the beginning. True differentiation comes from quick insights that can be transformed directly into action—informing the right decision at the right time.

Advanced technologies, including Cognizant’s Evolutionary AI™, are capable of processing terabytes of data, deriving insights from that data and transforming those insights into action. This empowers business leaders to make highly informed decisions with speed and confidence. Cognizant Intelligent Decisioning uses AI and ML to create a data-driven ecosystem enabling business leaders to more effectively:

  • Anticipate change
  • Increase agility
  • Accelerate growth
  • Improve efficiency
  • Control costs
  • Create new customer experiences
  • Make better decisions faster

AI: From Data to ROI

How businesses are anticipating market changes and adapting operations today

Data-driven decisions provide a competitive advantage

Improve top-line growth and bottom-line efficiency
Customer Intelligence

Create flexible technology platforms that apply data analytics and machine learning opportunities to personalize UX and expand cross-selling and upselling, by channel or salesperson.

  • Optimize contact center operations and improve campaign quality and leads.
  • Anticipate customer needs and identify the right opportunities for business growth.
Operations Intelligence

Combine data, analytics and intelligence to help create new value for customers, respond quickly to dynamic market conditions and run at optimal efficiency.

  • Improve day-to-day business and technology operations and shift them from reactive to proactive.
  • Increase forecast model accuracy and optimize inventory management and operating capabilities.

Additional Resources

Intelligent Decisioning Offering Brochure

Let data inform decision-making and know the next best moves to make.