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Please visit the COVID-19 response page for resources and advice on managing through the crisis today and beyond.


An agile foundation for modern business applications

Are your IT efforts up to the challenges of the new normal? Start by modernizing your core enterprise applications.

Engineering applications for modern businesses

Accelerate modernization with software and platform-driven solutions.

Facing a new normal, today’s enterprises must modernize their business, fuel innovation and become more agile. That may require compressing years of change into months.

At Cognizant, our application modernization services help you achieve agility for an increasingly digital world. Integrate a combination of accelerators, platforms and strategic partners to modernize core business applications. The result: An enterprise that’s ready for whatever the new normal has in store for you.

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Here’s what application modernization really means—and why it’s essential post-COVID

True application modernization goes beyond cloud hosting and microservices architectures. Get the right formula to modernize efficiently.

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How applications drive transformation

Shifting business models, rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer preferences demand applications that are nimble, future-proof and transformative.

  • Application Development

    Drive enterprise agility

    Stay ahead of the curve by building business-centric, tailored application portfolios with cutting-edge technologies that are both nimble and future-proof, orchestrated through Cognizant’s Smart Engineering platform.

    Smart DevOps-driven application development and enhancement 

    Speed time-to-market with high-speed application development and enhancement, industrialized through automation, IPs, open source, low-code/no-code principles and third-party technology stacks.

    Industry solutions

    Employ a product-centric approach leveraging our rich domain expertise and modern engineering principles to achieve faster time to value. Develop tailored, domain-specific solutions to help meet your unique demands.

    Application integration

    Build APIs that enable seamless integration and data/workflow transformation across applications. Speed time to market and enterprise agility through flexible application architecture and a configuration-driven approach.

  • Application Modernization

    Accelerate digital

    Modernize applications, improve technical value, harness cloud-based development and make your portfolio digital-ready.

    Application-led cloud migration

    Employ a platform-driven approach to cloud migration, making applications digital-ready while ensuring agility, elastic scalability and cost-effective modernization.

    Legacy modernization

    Modernize legacy applications and their ecosystem to a cost-effective modern platform, using a fully automated, tools-based approach.

    Technology upgrades

    Upgrade technology cost-effectively and migrate applications with automated assessment and remediation.

    All this is enabled through a comprehensive modernization platform that combines the proprietary, third-party tools and IPs for an industrialized approach across the lifecycle of your application portfolio.

  • Application Maintenance

    Fit for use and purpose

    Industrialize application management through a platform-based application maintenance strategy. This helps create a self-funding model to ensure your applications are fit for use and fit for purpose.

    Platform-led application maintenance

    Industrialize application maintenance with Cognizant AppLens™ artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Deliver consistent value by making applications fit for use and fit for purpose, and zero in on zero maintenance.

    Debt and automation management as-a-service

    Minimize application debt, maximize automation and substantially reduce cost across the portfolio. Use your applications to fuel strategic business imperatives through the Cognizant Automation Center and Debt Management framework.

    Smart operations

    Employ a transformational IT operations approach to run support operations as a single integrated unit, powered by an integrated tools/process/automation platform that drives operational excellence, agility and cost savings.

  • Application Optimization and Transformation

    Get agile, fast and reliable

    Benefit from specialized, end-to-end services that improve your resilience and application transformation at scale for your IT portfolio.

    Agile, DevOps and SRE transformation

    Maximize modern principles such as Agile, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) adoption for a continuous build, integration testing and deployment lifecycle—enhancing enterprise agility, speed and reliability.

    IT spend optimization

    Gain IP-based, platform-driven optimization and transformation enablement services at scale, with predictable outcomes.

  • Application Value Management

    Optimize speed and reliability

    Tailor your application management strategy for different application needs and fuel change innovation by reducing your “run” spend. Application Value Management delivers business outcomes that enable digital transformation while optimizing costs and improving predictability.

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Your partner in the cloud

Cognizant can help you leverage cloud to create exceptional customer experiences and improve time to market.

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Latest thinking

Our partners

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world’s leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Amazon Web Services

Cognizant is a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, an AWS Channel Reseller, an AWS Managed Services Partner, an AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Partner and an AWS Marketplace Reseller. In addition, Cognizant has accredited status with AWS for healthcare and life sciences, financial services, migration competency, big data, Workspaces and SharePoint.


Together, Cognizant and Microsoft are accelerating digital transformation for our customers. Partners for 15 years, we have a mutual focus on putting the customer first. We are helping our customers rethink, reinvent and rewire their organizations to unleash new potential with a mobile-first, cloud-first approach.


As an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner for over 15 years, Cognizant has been delivering business outcomes and innovation to our customers. Cognizant’s digital imperatives and commitment to engineer modern businesses to improve everyday life are driving our mutual goal to transform clients into intelligent enterprises while successfully setting them up in the experience economy.

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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